This last weekend the girls were at Grandma and Grandpa’s, and my wife was at an all-day hoo-ha at church, so I took the time to watch some movies she wasn’t interested in.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 was the first one I watched. It’s Quentin Tarantino’s fourth movie, and the second that I’ve seen of his. I totally utterly depserately loathed Reservoir Dogs, but this one showed a lot more promise, and I wasn’t disappointed.

It’s been out a while, I sort of assume most people have seen it. For those who haven’t, the premise is that our herione is trying to kill everyone who showed up at her wedding and killed everyone else in attendance, and tried to kill her.

I knew this going in, but was pleasantly surprised by some cinematic things that I thought were fun. It’s broken into titles chapters, which gave it a cool old fashioned “Matinee At The Bijou” feel.

There was required suspension of belief, but it was consistent, and obviously planned. That gives it solid respectability as a cinematic device, rather than sloppy acting/directing etc.

It was indeed quite violent, but it was a stylized, hyperbolic violence, as if to say “She really kicked their butt, not just “beat them up” or “killed them”.

I liked it, and look forward to seeing Vol. 2.

One thought on “Kill Bill Vol. 1

  1. “quite violent” – I’m not sure that accurately portrays or describes this movie *heh* However, the sepia/black-white fight scene was so beyond gory it was actually kind of funny….

    I rented the movie a couple of weeks ago, because I always love a good flick with martial arts, swords and fighting….this one pushed the the limit with it’s violence/gore, but in the end, I still enjoyed it I think 🙂

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