The second movie I got for my lonely saturday was Swordfish. I’d always been intrigued by this movie, since it purports to be about black hat hackers doing deep voodoo code. In that respect I was quite disappointed. Aside from a few buzzwords, the computing in the movie bore no semblance to anything in existance today, and the movie’s three years old.

As far as plot goes, it was good and twisty, I like twisty plots.

I noticed something interesting about the character names, and I don’t know if it’s on purpose or not. Many of them are similar to or the same as real people in the computing world.

Our hero is Stanley Jobson, which is similar to Steve Jobs.
There’s a Finnish hacker whos last name is Torvalds.
There’s an ADA named Bill Joy.

Any one of those could be random chance, but all of them? I just found it interesting.

There were some good special effects, and the music wasn’t bad. I really like Don Cheadle as an actor (mostly because he was great in Ocean’s Eleven), so that added a bit.

On the whole, it was fun, but I probably won’t watch it again.

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  1. Did you watch the alternate endings? I think my favorite part of the movie was the slow mo’ explosion effects….

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