My wife took me to see King Kong last night, and I’m unsure how the movie makes me feel.  Technically, it was wonderful.  The acting, cinematography, CGI, writing, story; all of it masterfully done.  The movie totally pulled me in, made me forget I was in a theater, and made me believe it had actually happened.

The reason I’m not sure how it made me feel is three-fold.  The first is that I hate bugs.  I really hate them.  A lot.  This movie had bugs ranging from 4 inches to 4 feet, and they were attacked by them in a small dirty dark place, and totally swarmed under.  They were covered in 2 foot bugs trying to eat them.  One guy had his whole head sucked into the end of a worm that had teeth.  Did I mention I hate bugs?

The second is that I’m not fond of heights.  It’s really only uncontrolled heights.  I’ve gone rapelling and had a wonderful time hanging by a rope 150 feet over the rocks.  But standing on the edge of something with no rail, in the wind, or with some jerk who likes to scare people is far beyond where I want to be in life.  There’s a LOT of this kind of thing.

Lastly, and truly most significantly, is how sad it is.  The movie ends terribly, terribly sadly.  As I mentioned before, technically the movie is wonderful, so Naomi Watts did a fabulous job of making me think her heart was really breaking.  The CGI guys did a great job of making Kong look real, and really look like his heart was breaking too.

And that’s how it ends.  We left feeling like WE had just lost someone, and we went out into the dark snowy night feeling sad.

It was a great movie.

One thought on “King Kong

  1. I felt the same way as your last point. It was such a good movie, but when I got asked if it was good I am not sure how to recommend it because the ending is so depressing. Even though you know it is coming.

    I have to also apologize, I laughed out loud about your bugs hatred.


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