I have 6 Space feeds in my feed reader, Astronomy Picture Of The Day (APOD), SpaceRef’s Top News, SpaceRef’s Top ISS News, Mars Today, Mercury Today, and Saturn Today.

APOD is cool because it’s diverse, and I read it every day.  There’s just one item, so it doesn’t take much time.  The SpaceRef stuff I usually just skim.  Mars Today is occasionally interesting, but tends to have a lot of very narrowly focused black and white pictures of dirt.  Mercury Today rarely gets any posts, but they’re always interesting.

Saturn Today consistently has utterly breathtaking pictures, almost every single day.  I really mean it.  I look at them and think "This is as good as anything any sci-fi artist could ever possibly imagine." 

So if you’re interested in Space stuff, and want some good eye candy without much boring stuff to suck your time away, follow the Saturn Today feed.  That link is directly to the feed, so you can crank up you feed finder and it should add it for you.


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