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Exposing the Myths Behind 250 Commonly Believed Fallacies

  • By Herb Reich
  • Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
  • ISBN: 1616085967
  • Price: $12.95 Physical, $8.22 Google eBook
  • Purchase this book here

I’m a huge trivia nerd, and finding out esoteric things about history that most people believe to be wrong appeals greatly to the hipster in me. This book did not disappoint.

Most of the stories take up a single page, though some cross to a second. None make you turn a page to finish it, so it’s easy to read one or two and put it down until later. I say “easy” but it’s never easy to put this book down.

In addition to the longer stories there are several sections where a page will have 5-10 very short annecdotes about history. These are stories that are interesting, but so easy to tell they don’t warrant a full page.

Near the end of the book are several pages of quotes misattributed. Marie Antoinette didn’t say “Let them eat cake” for example. This is also a very fun section.

All in all I highly recommend it.

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