Picture developed onto wood

The other day on the Grand Rapids Flickr Group I saw a picture that was titled “Liquid light on wood“, by Amanda Vanvels. You can see it there at the right. I was intrigued by that “liquid light” meant, so I did some research.

Liquid Light® is a film developing agent you can buy from the Rockland Colloid company. Basically you paint it onto anything, and then you can develop your picture onto that thing. I’ve found examples of it on water color paper, rocks that are then put back in the ocean, silverware, and metal plates, making tin types modern again.

I think that’s really cool. 🙂

One thought on “Liquid Light

  1. I think I saw this being used on a cable show called “American Choppers”. They use this process to “paint” the pieces of the motorcycle with photos. On the show it was photos of tall grass as the bike was for a hunting equipment company.

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