The other day Google added a new tool to Reader, and it is by far the most dangerous thing they’ve added to their tool bag. This feature is called Explore -> Popular items.

Why is it dangerous? Because it’s wildly addicting, and will suck away all the time in your life. For example, just now I checked out a post about a guy that’s drawing the New York skyline from memory, a girl that found that all but one of the US presidents share a single ancestor who signed the Magna Carta, some guy that accidently ejected himself from an airplane, a really funny joke, and a man named Gay who shoots anvils into the air.

And those are just the ones that came to the top in the last 10 minutes. The hard part is that they’re usually popular for a reason. They’re funny or clever or neato or something. And I’m a sucker for Stuff On The Internet. So run away!

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