I’ve always been a big fan of supporting local business (down with Walmart!). That’s why I was so glad to find a local organization that is an association of local businesses supporting each other. Local First has a web site where you can find local businesses, and then each of the businesses have signs up supporting that web site.

Additionally, they have events for the various genres. As an example, this month they had a “Eat Local” event, where they encouraged people to only eat local foods, similar to the “hundred mile diet”. As a kickoff there was a party of sorts at San Chez restaurant earlier this month where you could meet local growers and the local chefs who buy from them. They cooked and served local food to show how good and diverse it can be.

Kingma’s, my favorite local market, is a member, and a big proponent of local foods. They have local fruits and vegetables, and their meat market buys local meats and processes them in the store. They even make their own bacon and sausages and things. It always smells like a barbeque in there.

Anyway, if you live in the greater GrandRapidsLand area, check out their web site.

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  1. It’s interesting that I find this sticker on businesses before that I didn’t notice before. Thanks for the tip.

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