topher has some GREAT kid stuff in Flash. The Sesame Street stuff is popular at our house, and Molly likes to draw with oatmeal. Today she asked if she could make a picture for Momma to make her feel better, and I said sure.

I got her to the site, and she typed in her name and age by herself, chose oatmeal by herself, and made this self portrait by herself. And she used the touchpad on the laptop, not a real mouse.

I was impressed.

One thought on “Molly, the artist

  1. There have been studies linking the complexity of childrens’ drawings of hosue and people to their intellectual development. (I wish I could find the reference.) From what I remember, you can tell a lot by the particular elements they choose to include in their art. Things like noses and eyes are standard, but I was struck by Molly’s rosy cheeks.

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