I’m a huge Firefox supporter, and yet I don’t really use it much for general browsing. I’m more of a Galeon guy.

I do read a lot of RSS feeds though, and for about 6 months now my favorite reader has been Sage. It’s a Firefox extension and puts the feeds and optionally post titles in a sidebar, and shows me when there are new ones etc. It’s been apparent that one of the Hard Things in making an RSS reader in the HTML component. Sage gets around this by just using the web browser.

Sage 1.3 came out today, and has some nifty new features. Some involve having a title list in the sidebar, which I don’t use, but those of you that do will be happy to note that you can now mark posts as unread.

The feature I like most is that you can now use Firefox’s RSS finder (it’s a little orange icon that appears in the bottom right of the window occasionally) to load new feeds into Sage. That’s REALLY handy.

So, I encourage you to try it if you haven’t, and upgrade if you use it.

4 thoughts on “Sage 1.3

  1. *heh* Sage is currently my primary RSS reader as well – and I was actually using it (on my new laptop) to scan through some RSS feeds when I ran across this post and noted that I needed to update my copy of Sage!

    Nicely circular 🙂

  2. I don’t really use FF much, but I really like the mouse gestures extension, and I have the web developer extension installed.

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