Molly turned 5 today. She’s been excited about this day since September when Sophi had HER birthday. Molly asked when her birthday was, but she doesn’t really grasp months yet, so we told her not until the snow comes.

Of course, with the Big Snow a while back, she thought that was the day, and we had to talk her out of it. It’s snowed a couple times since then, but being close to her birthday we were able to tell her what DAY it was.

For those that don’t live around here, we got 2 inches of snow last night. This morning at 6:00 am on the nose our bedroom door opened, and Molly whispered in a Home whisper “Guys! It snowed last night! Is it my birthday?” And I said “yes!”.

So I got up. As an odd side-note, when I got into the living room, all of Sophi’s bedding was on the couch. But not Sophi. When she got up, I said “Sophi, where are your blankets?”. She looked puzzled and said “I guess I lost’em!” We have no idea what happened.

So Sophi cuddled in on the couch and Molly got dressed and she and I went to Susie’s for doughnuts. They have a policy of free ice cream on your birthday, but since Molly and Sophi are so popular there, they let Molly pick from the packaged ice cream box, AND let her pick one for Sophi. So Molly got a Power Puff Girl’s ice cream, and Sophi got a Kim Possible ice cream.

Each girl also got a chocolate covered Christmas sprinkle doughnut. Molly’s had candles. 🙂

We asked Molly what she wanted to do on her birthday, and she picked playing games with her family, so this morning we played some Zelda, and later today we’ll play Disney Sorry and Chutes and Ladders.

A good day all around.

Lots of pictures on Flickr.

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