Many years ago, it was in vogue to write frivolous programs for X Windows, little things that were just for fun. Xeyes, Xroach, and XPenguins are some good examples.

One of my favorites has always been Xsnow. It makes snow fall from the top of the screen, and it piles up on windows and the bottom of the screen. It has some wind logic, so the wind blows around and stuff. It can have little pine trees if you want them (I don’t), and Santa flies across the screen. He gets affected by the wind as well, so sometimes he flies really fast, and sometimes gets blown backwards.

It’s free for Linux of course, and the Mac version is free, but the windows version costs $10. That gets you an eternal license though, so that’s not too bad.

I have a screenshot here, and you can download the Linux version here, the windows version here, and the Mac version here.

2 thoughts on “Xsnow

  1. Okay, yes, I’m commenting on a really old post, but I’m sure you don’t care. 🙂 Xsnow is awesome. I remember back when I was still cool and had Linux and I had xsnow running with a snowboarding Tux as my wallpaper. Fun times.

  2. A new version of xsnow is available on sourceforge:

    From the website:

    Finally, a working xsnow for Gnome, KDE, etc. Based on the original xsnow-1.42 created by Rick Jansen, after the xsnow-2019 conference in Antas (Spain) we now have available a xsnow that works on many desktop environments, even Raspian. By request of many beta-testers, a graphical front end has been created as well.

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