This morning my wife an I were in the bathroom doing pre-day stuff (makeup, combing my hair, etc).  There was a gentle knock at the door, and we opened it to find a very sleepy Molly standing there.  She didn’t have to potty as we’d assumed, but immediately said

Molly: Boy, I had one bad dream last night!

Me: Oh yeah?

Molly: Yes, it was HORRIBLE!

Molly: It had A Pup Named Scooby Doo in it though.

Me: Did he help?

Molly: Yes, but we could never get that bad guy.

Molly: The parents kept going out, and the bad guy would kidnap the kids EVERY TIME!

Molly: Me and Sophi and Eva and Faith were trying to catch him, and he had a fly trap that ate little girls thing-gers!

Molly: We never could catch him though.

Me: But it’s better now that you’re awake right?

Molly: Yep!

Update: My wife alerted me to the fact that the dream is based on the Sugie/Babysitter episode of APNSD.

3 thoughts on “Molly’s Nightmare

  1. yeah, um, we don’t want to know about any marital rituals that involve your wife combing your nose hair and untangling your unslightly back hair. in the future please keep such info. to yourself.

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