I have a new box on the right there, all the way at the bottom.  I’m not sure how I feel about it.  The site I’m pulling the data from claims it’s RSS, but it’s actually Javascript.  That makes it so I can’t edit the contents at all, and leaves me with a double title, theirs and mine.

I put it in because I love "today in history" kinds of things, and it’s my blog, but I’m almost embarrased for them.

2 thoughts on “New sidebox

  1. Hey, I checked out your main page through a comment you left on Ryan’s site- you got my IP address right but I think the page is a little confused about what browser I am using?

    Cool site though… I like the “today in history” thing although I do see where your frustrations lie with it. Is there anywhere else you can pull a feed like that from?

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