My friend Bill is the web guy for Celebration Cinema. He was working on putting subtitles on the online movie previews the other day, and I mentioned that I didn’t realize that Celebration did subtitles. He pointed me to the news article about their new MoPix system

In a MoPix enabled theater, there’s a large LED screen on the back wall of the theater, where it isn’t seen by anyone looking toward the screen. The subtitles are printed backwards on the LED screen. Someone who wants to use them can get a thing from the front desk to use them. This “thing” is a pane of glass-like material that have feet that insert into the cup holders. The text on the LED screen is then visible in on the glass as a reflection, making the text go the right direction.

I think that’s a brilliant use of relatively low-tech stuff. In the process I learned about the blog of a local deaf person who deals with social issues regarding deafness in GR. She did a post about Celebration and MoPix stuff. Quite cool.

3 thoughts on “MoPix is cool

  1. Yeah, Bill is awesome! ;)

    The internet, especially the vlogs has been huge for the deaf community. We’re putting EVERYTHING in vlogs for us and the world to see. It’s the first time in our history really, that we’re able to communicate with each other on a global scale.

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