Firefox and came out last night. On the whole they’re simple updates, bug fixes, security plugs etc. There’s one cool new thing though, that I think is pretty significant. will be the last update to the 1.5 branch, and the auto-update package will update it to In the past, 1.5 releases have only updated themselves to the lastest 1.5, which meant if people wanted 2.0 they had to actually go get it and install it. This takes care of that, and I really expect 1.5 usage to drop dramatically in the next 4 months.

2 thoughts on “New Firefox Today

  1. 🙂 If only that worked for IE! I’m surprised that I’m still frequently working on computers with IE 6.

  2. I see that myself a lot.

    Two years ago though, I was shocked to find that one user’s computer actually included IE 2.0. To their credit of course, they were slightly more up to date in their other browser–Netscape 4.0…

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