My Mom went to the hospital today for her biopsy, they got her nicely sedated, got the halo screwed into her skull, and some other piece of equipment broke, so they had to cancel it.

Apparently the small holes don’t bother her much, some advil for a headache takes care of it. Now she gets to go to her grand-daughter’s birthday party tomorrow, so that’s nice.

They’re travelling Sunday and then the new appointment is Monday morning. For some reason I don’t understand, they won’t need the halo this time, so there won’t be any more screws in the skull. Joy.

Thanks for your prayers, thoughts, and comments, they’re appreciated.

3 thoughts on “My Mom, Part Deux

  1. We’ll definitely be praying. I’m so sorry to hear that everyone has to continue waiting over the weekend, but happy she makes it to the birthday party. Please keep us posted.

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