About 6 years ago my mom was on vacation with the church youth group and had a bad siezure. They checked her out and found a tumor in the front part of her brain.

Because it was small, they decided to radiate instead of trying surgery. It’s in the “personality” part of the brain, so there was a good chance they’d change her completely if they mucked about in there.

Long story short, it “worked”, and the tumor stopped growing, and she’s been fine since then. Her personality did change a tiny bit, and she doesn’t remember things so well, but she’s still here.

She gets an annual MRI now, and this year they saw some things that “weren’t good”. That’s all they really know. This morning they’re doing a biopsy, and then after an interminable amount of time we’ll know more than we do now.

Please pray that the biopsy goes well and the results turn out well. It’s entirely possible they’re seeing scar tissue, so there’s decent hope she’s just fine.

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