Well, June first has come and gone.  I ordered all the parts for my new desktop computer for work, and then ordered The Monitor.  All the parts were supposed to be 2-3 day shipping, and the nice man at Dell said they’d ship my monitor on June 16th.  I was very sad.  But soft!  What light from yonder cardboard blox glows?  Yea verily, the monitor came FIRST.  Callooh!  Callay!

So now I have a Celeron D (until Conroe comes out) 2.8Ghz, 2G ram, 256M video card, 150G, 10,000 rpm hard drive, and a 30" LCD screen running 2650×1600 resolution.  Screenshot here.

I put windows on it first.  My old machine had no root windows partition, and I wished I had one at various times, so I made a 25G windows partition.  I then put Fedora on the rest, and fought with it for quite a while.  I finally put Ubuntu on it, and it’s been great.  I’ll do a whole blog post about changing major distros after all these years, and the stuff I liked and didn’t like.

Oh, and my phone came.  It rocks.

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  1. Ok, I may have to stop by just to see that. Heck, you should probably start a tour, and charge admission.

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