Molly laughing

Last night Molly took part in her first musical, titled Neck Up Check Up. She did a GREAT job. She had what they called a “solo”. It was actually a trio with a choir backup, so I’m not sure why it was called that, but she had it, and it was important to her. She prayed for weeks ahead of time that she wouldn’t make any mistakes, and she didn’t!

Before the musical actually started, they had the younger kids sing a few songs. There was a 2 year old up there, and Sophi’s 5, so you can imagine the age range. They sang the sweetest song about their mothers, and at the end pointed to their own mothers. Sophi did the aiming thing, where she closed one eye and sited down her pointer finger, so no-one would miss exactly where her wonderful mom was. Cate almost cried. :)

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