I’ve revived an old sidebox with new functionality.  The Current Music box is back, but whereas it used to simply show the 1 most recent song, now you can click and see the last 100.  The actual log keeps all of them, so in the future I can do my own stats if I want.

I tried several different services to do this, and wasn’t very happy with any of them.  The process I use to get the data there is pretty convoluted, but very much in the classic Unix pipe vein.  I’m very pleased with it.

3 thoughts on “New sidebox

  1. I’ve played with it, but I can’t get an RSS feed of stuff I’ve played in the past. There’s a “Recently Played”, but it only has content for about an hour after you’ve played it.

    It seems like the only purpose is to help people find new music, which is a fine thing, but not what I’m looking for here.

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