I’d like to review a LOT of stuff in the next couple weeks; cd’s, movies, books, etc. I decided to start with a kids DVD, most people have seen the other Christmas movies I’d review, so they’d mostly a statement of personal opinion.

I’m not going to say a ton, since I’m going to link to a good review, but I’ll say a few things.

This DVD has Dora The Explorer, Blues Clues, Little Bill, and Rugrats episodes. For the uninitiated, Dora is a little hispanic girl who teaches bits and pieces of spanish while overcoming obsticles. Blues Clues involves finding clues to solve a puzzle. Little Bill just tells stories (it was invented by Bill Cosby), and Rugrats is a typical cartoon.

On the DVD, Dora wants to give a present to Santa, and he doesn’t take it, so she travels to the North Pole to give it to him. In Blues Clues, Steve is adding squares to their Christmas quilt. He travels from house to house visiting friends (Wynona Judd, Tyrese Gibson, and someone else I can’t remember) collecting the quilt squares. Each house celebrates a different holiday, so you get an explanation of Christmas, Kwanza, and Hannukah.

In Little Bill, they”re getting things together on Christmas eve, and it becomes apparent that his grandma (named Alice The Great) will be stuck in Cleveland due to snow. It’s mostly about him dealing with a hard Christmas, but in the end she shows up.

My kids dearly love this DVD, and if you don’t have any problems with any of the themes, by all means get it.

The longer review is here, and includes things like audio and video quality, as well as stuff in the extras.

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