I really like the state quarters. The evolution of our money has always intrigued me. When I was a kid my folks got some little blue books to put pennies in, and we’d sort piles of pennies. That’s how I learned that in 1942, the US made pennies out of steel, for one year, so they could use the copper and brass for bullets.

So, I was pretty pleased to see the States Quarters. My mom immediately bought the big collectors books for each of her kids, and I’ve been keeping an eye out for the new ones. There isn’t a specific release date for the quarters, but they have said which ones will be released in which years. They’re releasing them in the order in which they became states, and since Arkansas is the most recent, Michigan is next, first next year.

It’s interesting to note that I haven’t kept official watch for releases, I’ve just been keeping an eye out for new quarters. I got my first Arkansas quarter the other day, but my research just now shows that it came out in October. I had thought it was late, but it simply took a while to make its way to my pocket.

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  1. Maybe I haven’t been keeping as sharp an eye out for these things as I was in previous years, but I can’t remember seeing *any* of the 2003 quarters. Illinois seems to be the one that was released first, and I haven’t even seen that one yet. Time to check the pocketses.

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