First off, I have to tell a story from the days before I blogged.  When Molly was about 2 and a half, she started to enjoy singing.  One day, sitting in the back seat of the car, she just started out with

Farmer Jedi had a farm,
E I E I O!

I looked at my wife, she looked at me and said "She’s YOUR kid, what did you expect?".

I called back to Molly and asked her where she’d heard that song, and she said it was on a show at Grandma’s.  As it turns out, Grandma has a video from a Little People collection of toys, and there’s a farmer than comes out and says "Hi, I’m farmer Jed, I have a farm!"  Perfectly logical.

Fast forward to the last few days.  The girls have enjoyed singing Old MacDonald in the car.  We each get a turn picking an animal, and we often get a bit silly with it.  Yesterday when it was my turn, I picked our dog Lucky.  Now, Lucky doesn’t really make any noise.  When there’s a squirrel in the yard, she kind of warbles, but doesn’t bark.  The only time she ever really barks is when she REALLY has to go potty and we’re not getting the hint.

So I picked Lucky to see what the girls would do.  And here’s what they did (together):

Old MacDonald had a farm,
E I E I O!
And on his farm he had a Lucky Dog,
E I E I O!
With a silent silent here,
And a silent silent there,
Here a silent,
There a silent,
Everywhere a silent silent,
Old MacDonald had a farm,
E I E I O!

So, it would appear that our dog is silent.

One thought on “Old MacDonald

  1. i think the derosia version should be singing farmer jedi had a farm. wayyyy cooler that old macdonald. last month my friends nicolle and greg put their son sawyer on the phone, and with NO PROMPTING he said “chewbacca!” it was the first time they’d ever heard him say it. the force in him clearly sensed the force in me…. haha

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