According to my girls, every day at 11 am Momma watches The Price Is Rice.  Yesterday I came into the room where they were playing and my wife said "Girls, tell Daddy what you’ve been playing".

Molly said "We’re playing the Price Is Rice, and I’m a beautiful showgirl!"

Sophi said "And I’m BOB BARKER!"  She’s 3 and 3/4 you know.

I said "Why are you playing that?" , to which Molly replied, "To win fabulous prizes of course!"

In other times, a couple years ago, my wife used to watch Family Feud during the day.  It was the old ones, with Richard Dawson (I loved that show then).  Molly really enjoyed it as well, and got to know how everything went.  One day, they jumped ahead to 1999, and Richard Karn was the host then.  He came down the stairs, and Molly (age 3) looked at him and said "Hey!  That’s not Richard Dawson!"

One thought on “The Price is Rice

  1. “to win fabulous prizes, of course….” AWESOME!!! and congrats on having a 3 year old that thinks she’s a man. i’ll pray for you. : D

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