Old Navy Prize Card

The other day we went to Old Navy, and everyone who went in got a free little scratch-off prize card. The girls LOVE those things, and some guy gave us his for them, so we got two. There were two spots to scratch; if you didn’t win on the first one, scratch the second for the consolation prize.

The consolation prize was a tiny bag of jelly bellies gotten at the checkout, which worked really well for our girls. While my wife was trying things on, I read the rules on the back of the card because I’m a geek. The first rule made me laugh out loud, and I do NOT understand why it’s there.

CANADIAN RESIDENTS: You must correctly answer the following skill-testing question to claim a prize/discount. If claimant is under the age of majority, a parent/legal guardian may answer the skill-testing question on their behalf: (10×4)+(3×2)+10 =__________

Is there some law about that in Canada or something? Something magic about the number 56?


A friend figured it out. Check out this document, and look for “Skill-Testing Questions”.

7 thoughts on “Old Navy Hates Canadians

  1. 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything in the U-S…adjusted for Canada, it’s 56.

    something about the metric conversions….

  2. Honestly, because we are a country of boneheads that has nothing better to do than make it difficult for 6-7 year old kids to collect on prizes. Jiminy Cricket! Sometimes I wish I weren’t Canadian. We are so embarassing…

  3. hmmmm…

    Canada has some strange laws… (the old tea commercial used to say – Only in Canada eh!)…

    proud to be Canadian… guess I’ll have to boycott Old Navy :)

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