My mom finally got her biopsy done yesterday. Any time you stick something into a brain, it swells and gets a little funny. When I talked to her last night she sounded really drugged but she wasn’t, and she couldn’t remember what she’d just had for supper. She remembered things from my childhood though.

We won’t know the results for a while of course, but the scuttlebutt my dad heard was that the stuff they took out was NOT tumor.

The bad news is something I learned this weekend while I was up there. When the brain makes scar tissue, it treats the new tissue as something to be protected, and so makes new scar tissue on top of it. This continues to build, having the same result as a tumor.

The symptoms will be those of Alzheimer’s disease. She’s been getting more forgetful of little things for a couple years now, so it’s not a surprise. This test was more to find out how long she’ll be with us.

Scar tissue isn’t likely to kill her for quite some time, but as the brain protects itself she’ll just fade away over the years.

This summer my folks are going on an Alaskan cruise they’ve always wanted to do. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Update On My Mom

  1. i’m so sorry, bro. i lost my mom 13 years ago. just ain’t easy. enjoy your time with her. that’s a regret i don’t have, fortunately…

  2. Hey, Topher, I’m really sorry to hear about what your mom has been going through, and what you and your family are subsequently enduring. Having gone through such trials with our parents, Tom and I are praying with you.

  3. Something I’ve found rather enjoyable is just holding my dad’s hand, like he used to hold mine. Do you do that with your mom? You could hold her hand and talk to her about the things she remembers from your childhood 🙂

    Thanks for the prayers for my fam. I’ll be praying for you too!!

  4. I haven’t seen her since the biopsy, but since we’ve known for so long we had lots of times like that. 🙂

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