My boss’s dad (Pete) was a jazz musician in the 1960’s. He played rhythm guitar in a small band that played a lot of clubs. Their sound feels somewhat like 1920’s jazz, but not quite. It’s very smooth and mellow.

Pete died around 1970, and the recording Lee (my boss) gave me was made about 1968. All things considered, the quality of the recording is amazing. It was the whole band gathered close around one mic in a busy club. The microphone was hooked to an old reel-to-reel recorder sitting on a table nearby. The background noise is quite minimal, adding cool ambiance rather than distracting.

I have permission to share the music, so contact me if you’re interested in trying it.

3 thoughts on “Pete Geysbeek

  1. very cool. I only wish I could get it via internet! Maybe you can play it for me once you come visit!

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