So last friday and saturday Ryan and I went out to Gospelcom to be eddicated on CSS. For the most part it worked. The only issue was the bandwidth into my brain. I did have a problem in that I had a big project that I had to get done, so I worked on that all day friday, just trying to listen in to what everyone else was doing.

But I stayed up late friday night and finished that, so saturday I was able to dig right in. The book they gave us (thanks!) was More Eric Meyer On CSS by (stay with me now) Eric Meyer! All things considered, it’s an excellent book, I highly recommend it.

Joel and Max taught the class, and did an excellent job, they’re both very knowledgable.

I learned things that it never occured to me MIGHT be possible, let alone that I just didn’t know how to do. I’ll be working it into my daily work, but I doubt that I’ll have the time to renovate PHLOG. 🙁 We’ll see.

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