Pine 4.60 came out the other day. The coolest new feature? An RPM that works in rh9. There’s even a .deb file. Debian folk like to whine about Pine’s lisence, but it’s still the coolest email client in the world in my opinion. Mutt’s too confusing, elm’s too old, and emacs needs a good editor.

Now that I’ve offended just about everyone I know, go try Pine. 🙂

One thought on “Pine 4.60

  1. On the down side, they no longer offer a plain Unix pre-compiled binary with SSL/TLS enabled….dunno if the RPM has that in it by default or not….

    Not that it matters for me, as I’ve hand installed the last 8 releases of Pine, so the RPM won’t work for me right now anyway *heh*

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