Realplayer 10 for Linux came out today. I was a little dubious at first, given the last 8 versions. When I was at work, I grabbed the .bin file, and installed it. The installer script was a little quriky, printing stuff to the screen WHILE asking me for input. But once it was installed, I typed realplay in a terminal window, hit enter, and the player was there, just that fast.

The interface was VERY clean and fast, no opt-out requirements for crap, and it looks like it plays all the sorts of files I like to play. I won’t be leaving xmms for it or anything but it looks nice.

The mozilla plugin didn’t want to work for me, but my install was a little quirky. At home I installed via rpm on fedora core 2, and the plugin works great in mozilla, but not galeon, which is VERY odd. Maybe I just need to move the .so files or something.

All-in-all, I’m impressed with it. I only wish the windows client were HALF as cool, and that they had gotten their act together years ago. I fear it’s too late now. The only thing I’ll really use it for is streaming.

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