So, I’ve been playing withj it for a couple hours now, and I’ve found more goodies.

VNC didn’t want to work right for me in rh8. It complained about mismatched color depths, when I know that was bunk.

Also, moz1.3gtk2rh8 and galeon 1.3.3 installed from rpm flawlessly.

This is the first time gnome2.2 has been available via rpm, so may apps I haven’t been able to upgrade until now.

xrandr is cool. xrandr -q tells you what you can do in a numbered list. xrandr -s # sets you to that resolution instantly.

GAIM 6.0cvs installed just peachy, and I must say, is QUITE cool.

All things considered, I like rh9 because it fixed my audio, made gnome 2.2 stuff work, and had a good upgrade path.

The BEST review I’ve ever seen of a new release is here. No fluff about install problems, just what’s really important.

3 thoughts on “redhat9, a second look

  1. I really need to make my blog software send email when people respond to responses. πŸ™‚

    I don’t know about the menu editing, i don’t use gnome sessions, I’m a fluxbox guy.

  2. Hey – just a warning – I’m running RH9 on my laptop currently, and I have to say that while I love some of the new features, I would definitely not recommend it for use with laptops – it should be pretty good to go for workstations, but with laptops, it definitely has some issues (external mice, networking issues, cut/copy/paste, etc)….


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