This past friday, Chris Rice was in concert at Sunshine Community Church.. At the time, I thought I had never heard of anything he wrote, but he wrote the song at the beginning of the Jonah movie.

Because WCSG sponsored the concert, I was asked to be a runner. Runners have a van and do whatever needs to be done with it. I drove their bu driver around, and picked the band up and took them to Sunshine etc. It was a lot of fun, I really enjoy meeting folks like that.

The bus driver is a cool guy. His name is Arnie, and he actually drives for Hammond Transportation. He’s been driving artists and other folks for 22 years. He just finished up with Aretha Franklin, and after this trip was swinging out to Manhattan to pick up a couple models, then getting Justin Timberlake and Christina Agiulera to take them around, and then picking up Matchbox 20 for a tour. He doesn’t know yet what’ll come after that. He’s driven in all 50 states, plus New Zealand, Germany, and South Africa. The downside? He’s on the road 300 days a year and has a wife and kids back home. Talk about watching them grow up in pictures.

So, in regards to today’s title, friday was the ice storm, and I was driving around all day. The roads weren’t bad, but as I was driving home at 11 pm, I was on a hill, and I could see about half the city was dark. It was pretty wierd. We got our power back yesterday around noon.

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