Today my Mom traveled by ambulance from St. Mary’s in Saginaw to Alpena Hospital for physical and occupational rehab. My Dad guesses she’ll be there about 2 weeks.

Apparently she did have a small stroke during her surgery, and lost some abilities on her left side, but that’s already coming back. She’s left handed, and couldn’t move it at first, but except for weakness she can make it move however she wants.

She’s been doing assisted sit-ups already, but her legs aren’t strong enough for her to stand up. I called the other day after she’d done some of that, and she was too tired to speak. She’s still pretty slow and vague yet, but you can tell she’s still all there, and just needs to work the kinks out.

One of her best friends from childhood (who still stays in touch) stopped by and my mom remembered her just fine and they all had a good long talk about fun things from long ago. So her long term memory is still good and she can maintain a conversation somewhat.

That’s it for now. 🙂

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