I’ve known for a long time that you could embed Javascript in bookmarks, but until I learn JS better I probably won’t grasp everything that COULD be done.

Today I learned a handy little tool for web developers.  I’ve been using the Web Developer Toolbar to resize my browser window to specific sizes, to test designs I’m working on.  It’s a little cumbersome though, since it’s a couple menus deep.  I did a little research, and someone pointed out that you can use the resizeTo function in a bookmark.

So, simply make a  new bookmark, and in the Location box put something like javascript:resizeTo(1024, 768); Then when you choose that bookmark, your browser window is resized to 1024×768.  I typically run at 800×1600, so I made one for that, plus one for 1024×1600, since width is most important to me.  I put them all in a bookmark folder on my bookmarks toolbar, and they’re all easily accessible.

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