A while back I posted about getting VPN working between home and work with Linux. I didn’t have the IPsec decrypted password at the time, and kvpnc can use the encrypted version, so I went with that.

In my quest to make it work from the command line, I learned that "encrypted" IPsec passwds aren’t really, and that using vpnc from the command line is actually pretty easy. The docs didn’t show how easy it is, but I worked it out.

Basically, you make a config file with 4 lines in it, like this:

IPSec gateway *********
IPSec ID ********
IPSec secret ********
Xauth username ********

Then you do sudo vpnc /path/to/your/vpnc.conf. It’ll ask you your network passwd, and you’re hooked up. Then sudo vpnc-disconnect will drop you. Very nice.

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