Yesterday was gorgeous outside, so my friend Dave helped me fix my roof.  We have a couple skylights that had been leaking, and we found that my chimney needed patching where it met the roof.

I remembered how much I utterly loath unsecured heights.  Secured heights don’t bother me.  I can be up in a tall tower, and I can even lean out over space if I’m hooked up well in a harness.  I’ve done lots of rapelling, in some pretty hairy spots.  But standing on a 12/12 pitch made of gravel pressed into tar is way out there for me.

Fortunately, Dave The Great has no problem with it, and scurried all over my roof sealing minor holes.  I slathered black goo all over the base of my chimney, because I could do it while sitting.  :)

I also found a 9mm bullet embedded in my roof.  It wasn’t distorted, and only about half the bullet was into the shingle.  That in combination with the angle in which it was sitting makes me think it was fired into the air and just came down on my house.

And lastly, here’s one more reason I’m grateful to Dave for fixing my roof.  This is the radar from this morning:

Weather Radar

One thought on “Roof patches

  1. see that radar?? that storm hit all of chicago…there were tornadoes in different areas I heard. Lots of power outages. the wind was blowing so hard in Aurora…I thought my windows were going to break in and my sliding door is double paned glass and it was moving around with the wind…soooo freaky!! hope you guys didn’t get hit as bad as us!!!!

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