I my post about gaim-text, Bill commented:

So, what is this fascination with text-based stuff? Efficiency? Dislike of the artistic? Enjoy typing?

That’s an excellent question.  I don’t use very many text based apps on a daily basis, I like Pretty as much as the next Enlightenment user, but they can be a lifesaver at times.

Being able to connect to a machine I own from a text based terminal from anywhere in the world essentially gives me access to a full suite of internet applications.

eLinks is a web browser.  With that I can look up anything I need to, any time, any place, using MY browser, with MY bookmarks etc.  Screenshot here.

Pine I use all the time, simlpy because it’s a great email application.  It’s blazing fast, super powerful, and again, I can access it from anywhere.

A text based IM client is what I’ve used in a pinch the most.  Naim and CenterICQ are great, but having something familiar like gaim would be great.  Here’s a screenshot of that:

gaim-text shot

So the long and short of it is that I keep them around in an emergency, and the more powerful they are, the more they help my emergency.

2 thoughts on “Text Based Applications

  1. I really wish my phone were more text-based.
    I run a blackberry, and I like the 240px screen, but it would have more space if it didn’t have those huge icons.
    I could see running text-based email/chat/web browsing on my blackberry.
    (being able to login into my webserver in text mode would be awesome too)

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