Well, it’s Sharathon week at WaYfm. For the uninitiated, it’s like a Public Radio/Television fund raiser. WaYfm is listener supported, so once a year we ask the listeners to lend their support.

I did well running the web portion of WCSG’s Sharathon last fall, so I got to do this one as well. I was up VERY late last night, and on the road by 5 am this morning. There were only a couple hitches, and no pledges were lost, so I’d say my end is a success.

The goal this year is $540,000, which is 20k less than we asked for last year, but 20k more than we GOT last year. We started this year ahead of last year’s starting point, so that’s a bonus.

If you want more details than what are on the homepage, check out the calculator page. There’s a Firefox Microsummary on there as well, for the uber-geek. :)

One thought on “Sharathon Week

  1. WayFM is one of the places I put my “tithe” for extra income that I get for my outside computer and web dev work. The station means a lot to my family. And we love the $10 concerts (I like Family Force 5, and put that on my MP3 for exercising.)

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