I’m not really a sports nut, but my wife is, so I get exposed to quite a bit of it.  Being a geek, I tend to pick up on the interesting stats and odd bits of history.

This week Steve Yzerman signed for another season with the Detroit Redwings hockey team.  This will be his 22nd season with them, and he’s never played for another team.

In this day and age when athletes are traded and leave on their own almost every season it seems, a career like that is really amazing.

And he’s 40 years old!  Hockey players get beat up pretty badly in their game, even if they never fight.  It’s just a rough game.  To be able to play at that level for 22 years and still be able to walk is amazing.

3 thoughts on “Steve Yzerman

  1. Stevie and I are the same age. I remember when he broke into the league at 18. If I remember right, he was the youngest Red Wing Captain in team history (19, I think). He’s not only an amazing player, but an amazing team leader.

  2. He is by far one of the greatest hockey players of all time… he’s a cinch for the hall of fame (and I dislike Detroit immensely… LOL – Go Leafs!!)…

    But you just can’t deny it… he’s amazing…

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