Street With A View is a project utilizing humans and Google Street View. They do a wonderful job describing it, so I’ll quote them:

On May 3rd 2008, artists Robin Hewlett and Ben Kinsley invited the Google Inc. Street View team and residents of Pittsburgh’s Northside to collaborate on a series of tableaux along Sampsonia Way. Neighbors, and other participants from around the city, staged scenes ranging from a parade and a marathon, to a garage band practice, a seventeenth century sword fight, a heroic rescue and much more…

Basically people set up funny scenes all over the city, and when the Google car went by, they posed. There’s some good stuff. Check out the pictures.

One thought on “Street With A View

  1. I I thought it was cool that Google Street View caught my step-son’s Ducati motorcycle parked on our sidewalk. Now that sort of pales when I look at these photos. :)

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