Today I found Lee Damon’s page while searching for "topher", because he uses the name "topher" on muds.  At the bottom of the page he says something that I think is funny.  But you have to be really quite geeky to think it’s funny.  Let me know if you get it.

The quote: "The nickname ‘nomad’ comes from my last name, Damon, spelled backwards. A Unix account of ldamon would be just a bit confusing. :)"

Update: "services" in *nix are called daemons.  Many library files start with l.  Having the word "ldamon" all over the place would cause confusion as to what the heck that is.  I told you it was geeky.

8 thoughts on “Super D00PER geeky.

  1. Hmm….I am a geek, through and through, but I do not get it. Perhaps I am overanalyzing it. I am inferring that you “got it” immediately. ‘ldamon’ sounds more Windows-y than UNIX-y. Am I close?

  2. You very well may be overanalyzing — I did at first too. I thought immediately of ldp, ld, dynamically linked libraries, the various daemons and what not on a UNIX system… I thought for sure, though, that ldamon must refer to a specific daemon I didn’t know about. I guess it’s just all the things I thought of at first combined to make a username you wouldn’t really want on a UNIX system 🙂

  3. Are you going to post the key? I was thinking is sounds a little too much like ldaemon, relating to mail and opendlap

  4. Oops, I accidentally put my website in the Email address field. Anyway, I wanted to add that I think I overanalyzed it, too.

  5. Hey! I just searched google for my name, and I saw that your current music used to be my song! Sweet! 🙂 I wrote a new song, btw. 🙂

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