Pioneer SophiWe did a lot of stuff over the Memorial Day weekend, but I’ll post about each thing individually, since they’re big.

Last friday we went to my in-laws.  My folks were doing their reenacting thing in Beulah, which is close to my in-laws.  My wife and the girls and my mother-in-law went to the camp, and my father-in-law and I went fishing friday night.  We had an excellent time, and caught 10-15 bluegill, and my first crappie ever.  It was a lot bigger than the bluegill, and quite fun.

Molly spent the night with my folks.  She wasn’t sure at ALL that that was a good idea, but in the end she had a good time.  I told her that her Booker (sleep buddy) wanted to stay, and she said "Just a sec, I’ll ask her".  Whispering ensued, and Molly announced "She doesn’t".  But the next morning she was glad she’d done it.

There was a lady camping there who had some girls who’d grown out of some cute reenacting clothes, and she gave them to Molly and Sophi.  They loved the clothes, and they looked so cute.

I have pics of the camp on Flickr.

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  1. Yes! A flash mp3 player would be great! There are two potential problems. 1) I don’t have Flash or I would have made my own by now (I once made 90% of a 5 minute Flash cartoon about the little creatures that live inside our computers to make it work. That was fun until I got to the monotonous job of having to do the lip syncing. So I stopped.) 2) I’m afraid of using up too much of Ryan’s bandwidth, which is why I’m starting to just go ahead and give people a link to download the mp3. I wonder how much I’ve used so far. I should ask him.

    As for that techno remix, I’m about halfway done redoing it. If I work hard on it today, the mp3 could be ready tonight or tomorrow. But there’s no guarantee that it’s any good. 🙂

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