Targus Notebook Chill MatThere are a variety of styles of laptop platforms, some powered, some not.  Several years ago I got the Targus Notebook Chill Mat, a USB powered platform.  It has the same horizontal dimensions as my Dell D600, and is about a half inch thick.  It has two fans that pull heat off the bottom of the laptop and blow the air out the back,

I paid $30 for it 3 years ago I think, and I didn’t really expect it to last this long, but it has.  I don’t use it in the winter, I enjoy the heat on my lap, but in the summer it’s unbearable.  I slide this underneath and I don’t get any heat on the bottom.

If you’re looking for something like this, I’d recommend this one.  I don’t know if it’s BETTER than any others, I’ve only ever used this one.  But this one appears to last.

3 thoughts on “Targus Notebook Chill Mat

  1. Can’t say as I agree. I’ve gone through two of those in about as many years. Cheap plastic either comes apart or compresses some and starts to hit the fans, causing an intolerable buzzing.

    When it works, it’s good enough. I just haven’t found it to be particularly sturdy.

  2. I have had three different styles of these cooling pads. The first had a leather like sleve that I put the pad in, which was nice because it padded the bottom when on my lap. It too “Pulled” the heat off the notebook and blew it out the back. I gave it along with my HP notebook to my nephew and to my knowledge it is still working fine.

    The second one I got took a dive when dropped… sigh.

    The current one looks JUST LIKE the one in your photo but it BLOWS air UP on the bottom rather than pulling it. I like it, and so far since I haven’t dropped it, I’ve had no problems. I HIGHLY recommend these to EVERYONE who owns a notebook/laptop as heat is second only to liquid in causing “premature” death of a notebook.

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