UPDATE 2003-05-15 Today I got a call from a girl in my office saying something in my office was screaming. I was afraid it was my computer, but it was my UPS. Which was plugged into a working outlet.

As you were.

So, the other day my Z decided I didn’t need all my data anymore. Nor did it need to turn on anymore. Or charge, or anything at all. I pulled the battery out, put it back in, and viola! just like it was when I got it from the store.

And it did it again the next day. And 3 times since.

I had hoped to replace SOME of the data from my old Pilot. It’s old, but way better than nothing. But alas, the batteries had coroded, meaning there’s most likely no data on there either.

My wireless router is hosed as well. It only works at random intervals. Here’s hoping I can get it replaced.

My machine at work is off today. I always log into it to check my email, so no email today. It won’t power up. But then, niether will anything else in my office, so I’m hoping it’s the power strip.

On the other hand, X-Men2 was quite good. The end left huge wide gaping spaces for a sequel, but as long as they make one, that’s ok.

I saw a new trailer for Matrix Reloaded, that got me fired up for that. I also saw one for the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen which looks EXCELLENT. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

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