Sunday morning (Mother’s Day) I awoke to the thumping of little feet headed to the bathroom to throw up. Poor Sophi was sick. She’d had the sniffles all day the day before and all night, and I thought her stomach was cranky about that. But no, she couldn’t keep anything down all day.

After being sick she’d feel much better and look all pink and healthy. Over the next four hours though, she’d get quieter and paler, until she was so pale her lips looked blue. Molly said that since she didn’t throw up until her lips were blue, we should call it The Blu instead of The Flu. All the rest of us felt fine that day.

The next day, Cate felt unwell, but it never really got past that general feeling of yuck.

Wednesday was my day. Starting in the middle of the night I felt awful, which was compounded by the fact that the dog wanted out twice in the night and Molly needed something in the night, so I didn’t really get any good sleep. I was sick in the morning, and spent most of the day curled up on the couch. The worst was the muscle ache. About 9pm it just quit and I went to bed comfortable.

Thursday morning I awoke to find Molly running to the bathroom. But she just had to potty. When she came out I asked her how she felt and she said her tummy felt a little bad. Cate told her that if she felt like she was going to be sick to run to the bathroom. Molly went back upstairs to watch tv, but about 10 minutes later dashed to the bathroom yelling “Mom, I think I am!” It was an awful yell.

Molly never threw up, but felt utterly blah all Thursday, and Cate did too. I did my best to baby them through.

Now it’s friday, and each of us (except Sophi) is still feeling slightly off, but much better.

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