Car with no door

My dad’s cousin Sandi (anyone know what kind of cousin that makes her to me?) sent me an email pointing out this cool new kind of car door. They have a slick video on their web site showing in action. If they can ensure safety I think it could take off.

Basically the door slides down and under the car, so it never swings wide to whack other cars. It looks really impressive.

4 thoughts on “The coolest car door.

  1. Your dad is both my 1st & 2nd cousin. By way of my mother and your mother were aunt and niece before they were sister-in-laws. So you are my 3rd & 4th cousin.
    Your dad and I used to call us kissin’ cousins. Isn’t that simpler? We meant that in a good way~~~ Love,Cousin Sandi

  2. OK, I was going to say Sandi is your first cousin once removed… but then I read her comment… and now I’m completely confused.

  3. Pam is right: your dad’s first cousins are your first cousins once removed. Your grandparents’ first cousins are your first cousins twice removed.

    Incidentally, your children and your first cousins’ children are second cousins. Likewise, your grandchildren and your first cousins’ grandchildren are third cousins. As there is no generational gap, there is no “N removed”.

    As for the car door, it just looks like something else to break. You think it’s bad when your power WINDOWS break…

  4. Okay, forgive me ~~I forgot to take my meds yesterday. Of course, you are all confused. I was talking about his grandmother and my mother ~~Not his mother. I plead insanity. And I don’t know what constitutes “removed” and the criteria for how many removes. I thought that involved divorce or death or the rapture.
    I just call you my very young cousin.
    Hugs & Kisses,
    Cousin Sandi

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