Do you remember The Electric Company? If not, just go read about it here. I watched this show every day in the early 1970’s, right after Sesame Street. It was a collection of skits intended to help kids learn stuff. I loved it because it always started with someone screaning "HEY YOU GUYS!!!!"

I looked it up today, mostly because I don’t really remember much about it, beside loving it. I was surprised to see how many famous people were responsible for it, including Morgan Freeman, Bill Cosby, Gene Wilder, Mel Brooks, and Joan Rivers.

I was also impressed with some of the content they managed to get. There was always a Spiderman skit, and that was lisenced to them for free. There were also Looney Tunes shorts created by Chuck Jones specifically for TEC.

There’s LOTS of good info at the wikipedia page for it, check it out.

One thought on “The Electric Company

  1. yeh–i remember it. my mom refused to let me watch that ‘sinful’ show because of the rock music and the fact the girls wore high heels.

    i watched it when i had a babysitter tho–and i remember the spiderman skits and easy reader–morgan freeman as the easy reader and then as the cop in ‘seven’ was a mind twister….

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