A few months ago my Dad’s doctor noticed that his cancer markers were up a bit. Since he’d already decided not to treat again, my Dad didn’t do anything about it.

The other day he had some chest pains and was forgetting things like his age, so my sister sent him to the ER. They did a bunch of tests and found a couple pretty large masses on his liver. He’d had an MRI a couple months ago, and they saw something on his liver that might someday be something, so this shows pretty aggressive growth.

The doctor took a wild guess at 2-4 months for him.

After lots of tests and some monitoring he was back to normal, so they sent him home. He’s not in any more pain than he has been for the last few years with his back and knees etc.

I didn’t realize it, but once you get to this point you can take money from your life insurance plan before you die and do whatever with it. He’s looking at doing some adventuring in the next couple months.

Please pray for our family. He’s been the primary father figure for a couple of my nieces, and he’s the last parent for my sisters and I.

It’s going to be a tough spring.

5 thoughts on “The final stretch

  1. In April 2012, my father was diagnosed with liver cancer. We lost him in July 2012. It made for a very tough spring/summer for everyone.

    I hope your Dad has the strength and ability to do something amazing over the next several months before he leaves this world.

    My thoughts to you and your family. Such a hard time for everyone. Everyone told me, then, that losing him gets easier with time – so far, that has not been the case. I’m still waiting for that ‘easier’ time.

    Stay strong, my friend.

  2. Praying for you all and your dad, for peace and strength, and God’s grace and love to be evident especially now. Hoping that one of your dad’s adventures will be to come to Florida! Love you all.

  3. I had no idea uncle terry had these issues. Your dad is an awesome guy. I don’t have a good phone number for him, but I would love to talk to him soon. Phil Joiner……586-854-0265

  4. Hey when you get a chance can you send me a current e-mail address (I’ve got a couple) but don’t know which one is good. Thanks and I will keep your dad and your family in my prayers.

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