At Vacation Bible School this summer, the girls made bows out of PVC and string, and arrows out of small dowels and foam. The arrow heads are actually made from those foam swimming tubes, the ones that are about 6 feet long and 3 inches across. They cut slices and then cut two edges off to make a “point” about the size of a baseball.

The girls have had a blast playing with them in the yard ever since. They’ve particularly enjoyed shooting them into the lower branches of our tree, and making us go get the stuck arrows.

There’s a squirrel that lives in our trees, and teases our dog terribly. It actually has the gall to come onto HER deck every so often. It drives her wild, and she tears out after it. It’ll climb 6 feet up and turn and just look at her.

Today Sophi was in the yard and noticed it sitting in the V of the tree, about 6 feet up. She said it was “staring into her eyes”. She pulled up with her bow, aimed carefully, and nailed it right on the head. She said it blinked both eyes, but didn’t move. She needed to get her arrow, so she called Lucky over to guard her prey while she got it. Then the squirrel ran up high in the tree.

She was REALLY excited about it, but Cate explained that we don’t shoot animals just for fun.

4 thoughts on “The Huntress

  1. What a great story! I have a mouse over here she can hunt anytime :-)
    PS. I got your email today (which is how I even know you have a blog) and we’re praying for your mom.

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